Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Finishing the kitchen remodel

The house is freezing for the third day in a row and will most likely be the same tomorrow. The tile guys are here again and finishing the tile and the backsplash. Still can't find handles and knobs for the cabinets so we're off to IKEA again on Thursday.

Geez, it's been so busy. I never knew that remodeling sucked up so much time. Boy do I know now though. The kitchen looks absolutely beautiful and the new island is wonderful for cooking. Everything, the spices the measuring tools, everything is close by. I no longer have to traipse a mile to get a tsp.

So looking forward to Wednesday. They say they will be by noon. And I have to work this afternoon at the high school (half day math sub job) gets a quarter of a plane ticket to NY. I tell everyone, including my past students, I work for plane fair.

Everyone have a good day.


Jenee Koci said...

why are you going back to IKEA? You couldn't find any at Home Depot, or Lowe's? Maybe you should order some.

Christine Young said...

There are very few gold knobs/handles for kitchen cabinets. Didn't find any we liked within our price range. We decided to go with silver. We just like the drive. LOL

Jenee Koci said...

haha, I guess so, I created monsters. You should post pictures when it is done.

Anonymous said...

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