Saturday, November 19, 2011

Count Down

I have 2 count downs. The first of course is to Thanksgiving. Not counting today there are, drum roll please, 4 days until Thanksgiving. Yummm... turkey and mashed potatoes. I always made a rice stuffing and I was told by wonderful children a couple of years ago that they wanted stove top stuffing.

Sigh...I don't really care about bread stuffing so I guess I will save a few calories there. And oh my, at weight watchers they do a Thanksgiving plate and count the points plus value of the food you choose. That little exercise is definitely an eye opener. Although you can only choose what the host has prepared. I do cook light and my points plus values are not very high.

Excitement! The Virtual Tour for Highland Honor will start 11/28. Everyone should visit everyday. There will be a different blog host every day until 12/23 (week days only) My first stop is at the blog: Me Want Food, interesting title. And I am giving away a $50.00 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Also, I will give away a MacPherson Clan book mark at each stop to one randomly drawn commenter.

Ah, Colin "Hawke" MacPherson you sly devil you. How did you win Callie's love so easily. Was it that kilt you wear so nobly or was it the way you treated her as if she were a queen. Oh, I see, she is your queen.

And I forgot the countdown number: Not counting today we have, second drum roll please, 8 days!

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