Saturday, November 26, 2011

A House Divided

It's the 115th civil war day in Oregon. War between the Beavers and the Ducks. My house is divided in half, the girls are Beavers and the guys are Ducks with the exception of my oldest daughter who in Willamette grad who has gone to the Dark side oh I mean the Duck side.

This year there is nothing on the line for the Beavers. They don't have enough wins to qualify for a bowl game but the Ducks... Well the ducks are fighting for the Rose bowl game, I think. Now that we are the Pac 12, not the Pac 10 and we have a play off game to decide who is the champion, I tend to get a little confused.

I want the Ducks to have that Rose Bowl  seat but I have to root for my alma matter no matter what.

So GO,  Fight,  Win Beavs!!!!!!

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Christine Young said...

Well, it turned out as most of us expected. The Dark side, oh I mean the Ducks won. I would have loved it if the Beavs had won, but the Duck has so much at stake. I'm glad they won and I hope their fans are gracious and not in your face. Just as I would hope it would be if the Beavs had won. The rivalry is intense but sometimes it is over the top.