Monday, November 21, 2011


It seems winter has arrived a bit early. The weather here is cold and the snow level is at 1000 ft. I see pictures of friends who live in central Oregon playing in the snow. Mt Hood and Government camp have snow falling and it appears the ski areas may open early.

I love the snow but let it stay in the mountains where it belongs. I don't like to drive in it and I really hate it when the power goes out--no internet, no TV, no lights. I'm not sure I could have survived in the past without our modern day conveniences. When the power is out, I wander around the house like a lost puppy.

Sometimes the snow is better than the rain. There is nothing I like better though than to lay in bed and listen to the rain fall. I live in Oregon so it is a good thing, I like the sound of the rain. I like to watch the rain but I don't like to be outside when it is falling so hard everything is soaked, from the inside out, within a couple of minutes.

Many of my friends live for the sun. Sun is good, it warms a person and they say the vitamin D is good for you too.

What weather do you like best?

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