Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Another reason I love the fall is FOOTBALL. I loved high school football and have always loved college football, at least rooting on the Beavs and the Ducks. My family is what--here in Oregon--we call platypus. Don't know the plural. The dictionary doesn't like platypii. Half my family are Oregon grads and the other half minus one are Oregon State grads. The minus one is a Willamette alumni. I can't convince her to root for the Beavs...sigh...she just want to root for the Ducks.

Beavs meet Cal today. They will play well but they are on a building year. Their freshman quarter back is pretty good but sometimes inconsistent. James Roger a phenomenal player is still recovery from a horrible injury that occurred last year. And OS has several promising young-uns. Hopefully they will mature by next year.

Number 7 Ducks meet Number 4 Stanford today. This game should be a real treat. I think the Ducks will just wear Stanford down as they do most of their opponents. But the game could and should be a real cliff hanger. It all starts at 3:30.

Go Beavs!!!!!!
Go Ducks!

I guess I have to try to be PC.

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