Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Source: weheartit.com via Eva on Pinterest

I just discovered that someone posted a used copy of Highland Honor at B&N for $196.00. Wow!!! And if they happen to sell it, I won't see a darn penny. However, the thought that someone could even laughingly post a used copy of one of my paper back books is highly flattering, amusing, and CRAZY. Who would pay that much money for any book?

But it does bring up an interesting idea. I have about 40 paperback books of various releases over the past ten years. I think I may post them as used copies and sell for $6 or $7 dollars. I will have to think about this. They typically sell for about $15.00 so this would be more than 50% off. I will have to figure out how to post this sale.

Have any of you posted your books as used copies? If so, how did they sell?

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