Monday, November 07, 2011

Power Outage

Source: via Vicky on Pinterest

It never ceases to surprise me how much I depend on electricity and how much at a loss I feel when I have none. Yesterday the power went out at about 9:00 AM. We were told a car hit a power pole and the estimated time the power would resume was about 11:30. Okay I can deal with that. My husband an I went shopping for hardware for our remodeled kitchen then we did a little grocery shopping. We were sure we would arrive home and the power would be on. No such luck awaited us.

This time when we called the estimated time of renewed power was 12:30. So we dabbled in this and that. I read but even wrapped up in a blanket, I was freezing. 12:30 came and still no power. The new called estimated the time to see lights and heat was 1:30. We decided to go back to town and do a little birthday shopping for our November birthday angel. Mission accomplished and the call to the power company resulted in a now estimated time as 3:00. Next we went to the T Mobile store. I needed help getting the predictive spelling off my new android. That done we sat in the car wondering what we should do. The lady at the electric company now said she would call us when the power went back on. Heading home, hoping to find something to do in a freezing house, the call came through.

Success, power at last!

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Anonymous said...

The loss at having no electricity is SO true. I can sit in my house with everything off but my computer (10 hr batteries ROCK) - no radio, no TV, nada - and it's quiet, but doing so without electricity is DEAFENING! Glad you got your power back. :c)