Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After the Feast

Still counting down but now I have new targets. The first target is the start of my Virtual Tour on November 28th. Wow that is Monday. I will be at MeWant Food. And I'm remembering I still have my last interview to complete.

The next countdown is for my youngest's arrival from New York via Jet Blue. That would be on December 4th. Then we have her husband coming in, on I think, the 14th. Then of course Christmas and after that my oldest daughter's birthday. I'm going to quit counting down because we have so many birthdays and special days after that.

I think I am going walking if schedules work out. And how about this gorgeous fall day in the Willamette Valley?

What are you doing that is special?
Any countdowns in your life?


Christy said...

That pic is so precious :) I have a little pom and so want to get a ballerina outfit for her. Well all my kids are in school. So we count down the days until holidays and such when they don't have to go. I wanted to say hi. I have been reading excerpts from some of your books and am going to buy some. I love highlander books and yours sound very good. I can't wait to start reading! Going to get the dakota's bride. Hope you have a great weekend!

Christine Young said...

Hi Christy, I hope you like the books. Dakota's Bride was my first published book. Kate Duffy from Kensington bought it in 1998. I remember being so thrilled. She offered me a two book contract and published My Angel about 8 months later.

Loved hearing from you.