Saturday, November 05, 2011

One little Angel

My husband and I have the pleasure of babysitting one of our little angels for the last three days. She is such a pleasure and a joy. The sweetheart is always laughing. We are working on our kitchen and she loves to put the screws into the holes and will have every hole filled. She also likes to hide in the cabinets. Needless to say I have achieved very little. I'm hoping today I will finish the blogs for my virtual blot tour beginning on November 28th. At the moment I have only finished 4 out of the 20 but I'm almost done with the 5th one. I don't think I have received all of the interviews or questions yet. Once I've finished this I will set all my sights on completing my April Fools novella. Now that the characters have taken over it should be a quick hop and a jump to writing THE END.

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